Planning in Plain English

Gail Boyle is a parish councillor and understands the roles and responsibilities of a town and parish councillor from a councillor perspective with respect to planning matters.

She also has extensive practical experience in responding to applications, local and national planning consultations and proposed national infrastructure projects. I do no profess to having formal qualifications in Town & Country planning but I believe that is what makes the session I deliver more accessible to other councillors.

The topics she covers in her two-hour sessions are:

  • How to be effective in influencing the planning system from a councillor perspective
  • Practical exercise - Permitted or permission?
  • Information sources and where to find help
  • An explanation of the planning system structure, cutting through the confusion, putting everything into context without the jargon
  • Policies & Resources – the planning framework, why and how local councils should be active at all levels.
  • How to construct a response, the language to use, how to make points that are relevant, in context and need to be taken notice of
  • Practical exercise - Material or Non-material?
  • In practice - what is the role of a councillor, how not to waste valuable time (yours and the Planners), which documents to look at.
  • Keeping up to date – what's coming down the line

£35 per person (members rate); £70 per person non-members


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