Returning to face to face meetings

We are receiving a number of enquiries about returning to face-to-face meetings. NALC has confirmed that the legislation enabling us to meet remotely will end on 6 May and that government does not intend to revisit the legislation.

You should consider holding your Annual Parish/Town meeting/assembly remotely before 7 May or after that date consider holding them outside. Annual Meetings have to be held between 1st March and 1st June. By complying with this legislation, you could always hold another event for the community in the summer, when restrictions are lifted.

For councils that do not have parish/town council elections, the Annual Meeting of the Council can be held remotely before 7 May. Councils that have elections this year (such as Stroud District) will have to hold a face-to-face meeting between 11 and 25 May.

A 12-week call for evidence about how remote meetings have been used has been published and we strongly urge you to respond before 17 June if you would like the ability to hold remote meetings to continue. The link is


GAPTC has been lobbying MPs and put a motion to urge for the extension of the power, following our AGM in December, to NALC.

For further information about holding face-to-face meetings safely, please go to the Covid page on the website. Section 3c confirms that the requirements apply to parish and town councils. We will keep you informed if there are any new developments.

Posted: Tue, 13 Apr 2021 08:49 by Alison Robinson

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