Holding council meetings at this sad time

We have been trying to ascertain the correct procedures for holding parish council meetings at this sad time.

It is evident that there is still some confusion and we would advise that if you are holding a meeting this week that it can go ahead, but we would recommend that there is a minute's silence at the start of the meeting and those attending might like to wear sombre clothing or a black armband. The period of mourning, which started last Friday and ends this Saturday, does not appear to make holding a meeting unlawful.

If you have a meeting next week, there is confusion as to whether you have to include the period of mourning in the notice. If you wish to be sure, you could postpone your meeting for one week. Because of lack of clarification, council should determine for themselves which advice to follow

We feel that the chance of legal challenge is small, and even if challenged the likelihood of success also unlikely when there are differing legal views. If you do go ahead, perhaps just leave anything of critical importance to the next meeting to ensure that it has been lawfully convened.

Posted: Tue, 13 Apr 2021 15:56 by Anita Sach

Tags: Meetings