GAPTC subscription fees - 2021/22

The GAPTC Executive Committee met on 21st October to agree the subscription fee for 2021/22.

The 2020/21 subs were 33.2 pence per electorate (this was made up of 26 pence to GAPTC and 7.20 pence to NALC).

At the NALC AGM it was agreed that the NALC contribution would increase from 7.20 pence to 7.42 pence for 2021/22 (an increase of 0.22 pence per elector).

The Executive Committee considered a modelling exercise and agreed the GAPTC element would remain the same at 26 pence per elector.

Therefore, the standard subscription rate will raise in 2021/22 to 33.42 pence per electorate - an overall increase per electorate = 0.22 pence per electorate.

However GAPTC will continue the DISCOUNT on the GAPTC subscription rate (not the NALC element) as follows:

If you hold LCAS - 5% reduction

If you hold CiLCA qualification - 10% reduction

If you hold LCAS and CiLCA - 15% reduction

This recognises our commitment to the professionalisation of the sector.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Posted: Wed, 11 Nov 2020 10:22 by Alison Robinson

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