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Parish councils taking action during COVID 19 crisis - tell us what you are doing

Cirencester Town Council

Electorate: 15,794

Precept: £998,750 Expenditure: £1,133,750

Andrew Tubb, CEO, said:

"These are extremely concerning and worrying times for everyone in our community; local councils across the country have a role of community leadership in reaching out to ensure that people feel safe and can access support."

Initially, the council's main priority was to ensure continuous operation with respect to decision making and delivering services and support. It already had robust contingency measures using cloud-based information technology so that staff can work remotely via the internet. Then, within its Standing Orders, there is a contingency for decision making and expenditure to be delegated to the CEO in consultation with the chairman of the council and its corporate group of lead members. I

n addition, it has a wide range of segregated duties and responsibilities. It is vital at this time that staff who are working remotely can still interact with others in the team, and we have established a WhatsApp group for staff to keep in social contact.

In terms of its wider communication and service delivery, it is working in shift patterns to ensure, as far as possible, that services can continue. It has closed its main offices and meeting spaces, so its communication with the public is now 4 primarily via social media and its website, as well as local noticeboards across the town.

It is re-tweeting trustworthy sources of information and keeping in regular contact with key partners across the town, such as the district council, taking the lead on advice and working together to support the community.

It will next explore options for making available an emergency fund for local charities

Posted: Mon, 30 Mar 2020 12:10 by Alison Robinson

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