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Dear colleagues

I have had several parish councils contact GAPTC to discuss what they can do at a community level to support the most vulnerable in their parish. The district councils are coordinating a response to the current COVID19 virus so any activities that parish councils plan to engage in should be cross referenced with the district councils in order to ensure appropriate public finance is being used in the best way.

However, we know that the parish council are the closest to the community and are best placed to understand their neighborhoods, the various networks that exist and the value of the community and voluntary sector.

Parish councils may want to act as a port of call to signpost, offer support – but it is worth considering what provision is available locally and whether the council can support existing activity. Councils can use S137 (£8.12 per elector;£8.32 for 20/21) to support local community groups.

GRCC has also been contacted by communities who are keen to help support the most vulnerable. Many Facebook pages have been set up, for example, to post offers of help from individuals– these will be worth making contact with to help coordinate activities on a local level.

However, many of those that are most vulnerable, or are the most isolated rural communities, will not have access to and will not use social media. It is worth therefore thinking of how these households can be supported and contact made with them which will not put themselves or any volunteers at risk.

For advice on this please visit the government website


You may also consider DBS checking volunteers in certain circumstances and we are in discussions with Young Gloucestershire who can facilitate this for £15.40 which covers the online processing fee. All the information need is on the DBS form (search DBS on the GAPTC website) for each candidate,

Processing then takes 2-3 days to receive a certificate.

Email us and we can call you to discuss this.

Posted: Tue, 24 Mar 2020 16:32 by Alison Robinson

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