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NALC Chief Executive's bulletin 25 October 2019

Chief executive's bulletin

#OurDay 2019

This year's #OurDay will take place on 19 November. Now a regular campaign fixture in the annual calendar, #OurDay is the Local Government Association's annual 24-hour social media marathon for local government, so gives local (parish and town) councils, councillors, clerks and county associations a great opportunity to share their stories of how they improve the quality of life of residents. I'd really like parish and town councils to once again use #OurDay to promote how you are building strong communities, you can find out how to get involved here.

Meeting with Lord Gardiner

On Tuesday, NALC vice-chairman (finance) Cllr Keith Stevens, and policy and communications intern, Claire Goldfinch, met with rural affairs minister, Lord Gardiner, to discuss tackling dementia in rural areas. Also at the meeting were Ian Sherriff, Prime Ministers Dementia Champion group, and Liz Hitchins, chair of the five Dementia Friendly Parishes around the Yealm in Devon, who spoke about how to encourage smaller parishes and towns to pool resources, and the effect that Dementia Friendly councils could have for people living with dementia. Health and wellbeing are one of our main policy topics for 2020, and we work on developing solutions alongside the government and health professionals about the role local councils can play to improve the quality of life for people living with hidden disabilities.

Woodland Trust

  • On 18 October, Claire Goldfinch, our policy and communications intern and I had a meeting with The Woodland Trust's Tree Charter Board. The Board also comprises organisations such as The Landscape Institute, Confor, The Sylva Foundation and The National Union of Students. Issues covered included the upcoming Tree Charter Day on 30 November, and how best we can highlight the worth of planting trees to tackle climate change.
  • I was pleased to see the Woodland Trust play a starring role on BBC's Countryfile on Sunday night! Steve Marsh, spoke about the importance of planting trees, saying they are "one of our key friends in the fightback against climate change." You can watch the programme again here.
  • This week we published the latest Tree Charter newsletter. The theme is innovation and all of our stories show how local councils have been planning ahead to protect their communities from climate change and safeguard their green spaces. If you too have any stories about how your local council is playing its part to protect trees and woodland, do get in touch at And if you would like to get involved in the tree charter please email

NALC committee elections

Astute readers of my weekly bulletin (which is also available on the website!) will be aware that we are currently looking for people to support the work of our committees for smaller and larger councils. This December we will also be holding elections for our officeholders and committees as well. These elections are open to our National Assembly members only, but NALC is keen to see more people from all backgrounds get involved in the work of their national and county associations. You can find out more here.

Digital Mapping Alliance

Our head of member services, Charlotte Eisenhart, hosted a meeting of the Digital Mapping Alliance on 21 October at the NALC office. This group aims to spread awareness and confidence in using digital mapping amongst local councils. I would encourage all councils to find out more and download NALC's Digital Mapping Toolkit. One benefit of digital mapping is that it can help your council manage its assets. Because this can have such an impact for a councils asset and risk management, BHIB is offering free digital asset mapping licenses with Parish Online to all councils who insure with them on a three-year deal. I am glad that by bringing partners together in this way that NALC is helping local councils get a better deal on services that help their work!

CCLA blog post on climate change

Did you know that by the first week of June, the UK had achieved 18 days without using coal to generate electricity – the longest period since 1882? If you want to know more about this and the Powering Past Coal Alliance, read this topical blog post from our partners CCLA on our website.

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