NALC Chief Executive's bulletin


Please tell us your views on the consultation underway on proposed reforms to support the deployment of 5G and extend mobile coverage by emailing by 11 October. NALC will also be responding to the government's review into local government audit, again please send your views to NALC by 18 October, click here to read the news story.

Out and about

  • The head of member services, Charlotte Eisenhart, together with Andrew McRae, county officer at the Staffordshire Parish Councils Association, Lisa Horritt, clerk to Doxey Parish Council, Creswell Parish Council and Salt and Enson Parish Council and Adam Keppel-Green, clerk to Knutsford Town Council, Gawsworth Parish Council and SLCC board member attended a meeting at the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) to discuss the future of GPDR compliance for the sector. The ICO has consulted extensively with the sector and produced a range of materials to support the key concerns of local councils.
  • Charlotte also attended the annual south-west county officers conference in Tiverton on 27 August. Topics discussed included NALC's developing member services strategy, proposals for additional HR services from NALC, and changes to the Local Council Award Scheme accreditation process.

And finally...

NALC has signed up to become a dementia-friendly organisation and is calling on all local (parish and town) councils to follow suit by becoming Dementia Friends. A dementia-friendly community can be defined as a place or culture in which people with dementia and their carers are empowered, supported and included in society, understand their rights and recognise their full potential.

Posted: Mon, 02 Sep 2019 11:48 by Alison Robinson

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