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NALC Chief Executive's bulletin

Model Financial Regulations

NALC published their updated Model Financial Regulations for England and Wales. This includes easy-to-use templates to create financial regulations for member councils that are up-to-date with the current legislation and regulations, and guidance to help complete the templates. The financial regulations can be accessed under Templates in the member's area of the website or from the GAPTC website.

Local Government Brexit bulletin

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) have published their latest Local Government Brexit Bulletin providing an update on recent developments to councils, including on the Local Government Brexit Funding Announcement, a recent meeting of the Brexit Delivery Board, events and publications. You can sign up to receive the bulletin by emailing

Neighbourhood planning

25 neighbourhood plans were passed in July according to the All things neighbourhood planning website. This really useful resource provides an overview of plans and summarises some of their content, and as you'd expect they are very diverse including: cycle and pedestrian ways, tackling flooding, solar gain and geothermal heating, dark skies policies, biodiversity maps, healthy air policies, housing for older people, a nursery, vacant shops, second homes in coastal communities, and even cataloguing and preserving the genetic diversity of fruit trees in parish orchards! Please see Goring Parish Council's explanation of why it did a neighbourhood plan – "to be in charge of our own destiny" – which is a fantastic slogan for neighbourhood planning. And don't forget there is plenty of advice and support available for neighbourhood planning via Locality (funded by MHCLG) including how to apply for funding support, you can find out more here. This week they published basic demographic and other information on neighbourhood planning areas and you can download a free report tailored to your area.

Peer review update

Further to discussions with the Local Government Association, additional support for a second peer review pilot this financial year has been approved. NALC's Larger Councils Committee has a long-standing ambition to introduce a peer review scheme for the largest councils, modelled on the LGA's approach, as a tool for improvement, and NALC have invited the Super Councils Network to put themselves forward to take part.

Local councils and climate change

At least 29 local councils have declared a climate emergency according to the Campaign Against Climate Change, in response to warnings of the effects from the United Nations, the World Health Organisation and others. In NALC's recent LCR poll on climate change, 85% of respondents said local councils have a role to play in tackling climate change, but with 80% yet to have a climate change plan. As a response to this, NALC can confirm they are hosting a climate change plenary panel at the annual conference which will cover practical tips on combatting climate change in communities – watch this space for more details but you can sign up to attend the conference here! And at their last meeting, the NALC Policy Committee agreed to include climate change in next year's campaigns. If you have any stories about your council's work on climate change, and what you think our campaign should include, please let us know at


The next issue of DIS has been circulated to subscribers today. DIS is a fortnightly publication keeping you up-to-date to with the latest news, events and funding opportunities. All coming from the local government sector. Subscribe today to get your copy of DIS

And finally...

The NALC surveys of councillors and councils about May's local elections have received over 2,000 responses so far! Don't panic, there's still plenty of time to share your views as the closing date is 27 September

Posted: Fri, 09 Aug 2019 16:34 by Alison Robinson

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