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Project examples relating to the loneliness initiative - contact NALC

NALC are involved in a loneliness project and are requesting that parish and town councils that are involved either directly or in partnership with any projects aimed at tackling loneliness contact Andrew Tubb at the NALC offices.

Often, loneliness is associated with older people who live on their own; but loneliness is not just about social isolation therefore, people can be lonely, but not necessarily living in isolation. The Campaign to End Loneliness believe that people of all ages need connections that matter.

Building on the success of the 'One Community' guide, launched in 2018, which sets out a model framework for effective partnership working between local and principal councils, NALC's joint work with the Local Government Association and The Campaign Company continues.

The project team is back together with an initiative for tackling loneliness; recognising that loneliness doesn't just impact on an individual's mental and physical health but also in the way that individuals engage and interact with wider services.

In preparing a new guide NALC will be exploring how best practice, in combating loneliness locally, can be shared effectively to support commissioners, service providers and people affected by loneliness.

NALC has also been invited to join a Government roundtable to provide evidence on issues and projects relating to loneliness.

Project examples and any comments or questions relating to this loneliness initiative can be e-mailed to Andrew Tubb at

Posted: Fri, 18 Jan 2019 11:13 by Alison Robinson

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