Forest of Dean Dementia Action Alliance - why you should join up

You should all have been contacted by now by one of the Dementia Friendly Community Enablers to introduce themselves to you and to:

  • Talk to you about Dementia Friendly Communities
  • Ask you to become a member of the Forest of Dean Dementia Action Alliance.

We would like to get every Parish and Town Council signed up by the end of this year. Why?

  • Some of the needs highlighted by people living with dementia and their carers/families in the district need money to make them happen.
  • National and Regional funding opportunities become available periodically and we are working proactively with commissioners. Any application would be much much stronger if we could evidence that we are working with all tiers of local government. By signing up to the Alliance you could enable funding to be levered in to the District which could improve the lives of vulnerable people in your community.

Becoming a member of the Alliance is a mutually beneficial process

  • The membership form asks you to identify potential actions but the Alliance, the Dementia Friendly Community Enablers and I, are here for every councillor. When a need is raised you have us to call upon for advice and assistance.

Dr Martin Anstell, Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry for 2gether NHSFT working in the Forest of Dean, is one of our latest members. J

How do you sign up? - contact me on and I will send you an application form.

If you have already signed up – many thanks

There are a few parish councils who have had an enabler to a meeting, and have actually "done things" like organise an awareness session for your community, put information on your website and newsletter…… but have not completed a membership form. I know you have many calls on your time but please do complete and return the form

Those of you who haven't been in touch with your Enabler please can I ask you to do so?

If you have any query please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Lena Maller

PS whilst we are working intentionally on enabling Dementia Friendly Communities, by definition these are more welcoming, tolerant and understanding communities which are more resilient and inclusive.

Dementia Friendly Community Enablers:

Posted: Mon, 15 Oct 2018 14:09 by Anita Sach

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