NALC update - from Jonathan Owen (Chief Executive)

Last week the NALC LCR editor, Marie Dill, did an exclusive interview with Andrew Gwynne MP, shadow secretary of state for Communities and Local Government, for the summer issue. Even the appearance of Holywood star Goldie Hawn didn't distract him during our photo shoot!

By way of a sneak peek just one of the things he said was: "I believe in taking community empowerment away from just being slogans. If we are going to give communities control of their destinies then that means giving them the resources to deliver things at the local level but also give them the confidence to think outside the box."

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Finance and Scrutiny Panel

The Finance and Scrutiny Panel met on 5 June 2018 when they were visited by accountants Milton Avis LLP and received an interim report on progress for the year-end audit as well as related reports on the year-end management accounts. Other business included consideration of the three-year budget and recommendations for the affiliation fee in 2019/20, financial risk management and financial regulations.

Conference speaker presentations

Speaker presentations from last month's Principal and local councils working in partnership joint conference with the Local Government Association (LGA) are now online and include An introduction to the new One Community Guide by The Campaign Company, Making local democracy work in partnership by Choppington Parish Council, Building place-based local participation in partnership by Falmouth Town Council and Delivering more efficient services by Alcester Town Council.

Parks and green space lovers and town centre aficionados might also be interested in the presentations to the LGA's recent Action on parks and What next for our town centres? events.

Media coverage

NALC want to share some positive coverage... the first is a story in LocalGov on local (parish and town) councils and devolution of services. The second, Jonathon Owen's interview with GovTech Leaders about the role technology plays at a local level.

Posted: Tue, 19 Jun 2018 16:20 by Alison Robinson

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