NALC update - from Jonathan Owen (Chief Executive)

National Assembly further information

·At last week's National Assembly the chairman of Policy Committee reported on two changes to NALC's role as 'selector' under the Sustainable Communities Act (SCA) where NALC act as the appeals body for rejected parish proposals, funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government; this would now be undertaken by the Committee itself rather than a sub-committee, with an SCA 'champion' co-opted to drive forward this work. NALC are pleased to inform you know that Cllr Peter Wilkinson, the Norfolk county association representative on National Assembly, has agreed to take up this role and build on his previous work and experience championing and promoting SCA as chair of the former sub-committee. Peter will attend meetings of the Committee where rejected parish proposals are considered and lead discussions, as well as working with officers outside of meetings to support and promote take-up of this 'barrier busting' legislation.

Letter from Sajid Javid MP

·Sajid Javid MP, secretary of state for HCLG, has written to our chairman Cllr Sue Baxter in response to her letter about his keynote speech at the annual conference and has again praised and thanked the sector: "I would like to thank the NALC and local parish and town councils for the work they do. The Government is very aware of the very important services delivered by parish councils and of their role in improving quality of life and well-being of communities, and recognized the role that the NALC plays in helping these small bodies to fulfil their potential." The letter also covers a number of other issues raised with him including the local government finance settlement, council tax support funding, GDPR, creation of new councils, parish poll reform, SCA, transparency fund and the NALC prospectus.

Smaller Councils' Committee

·The Smaller Councils' Committee met on Wednesday, here's a brief summary: Cllr Alison Stevens was elected vice chairman; the Committee discussed the governance review and aims to report its findings to National Assembly in July; the ongoing work programme was agreed along with Committee leads to the various strands of work it will be carrying out; noting the Transparency Fund closed on 12 February and the final grants were being allocated to smaller councils, the fund has been oversubscribed and the Committee supported our efforts to press the government to fully fund the additional burden for smaller councils to comply with transparency requirements; and the Committee also considered what support smaller councils will need in the future to enable them to comply with ongoing transparency requirements.

Meeting with ALCC

·NALC and the Association of Local Council Clerks – the new trade union representing parish and town council clerks – had a constructive meeting this week to look at the national agreement and identify what work needed to be done to enable it to be reviewed. Representatives from ALCC and county associations as well Jonathon Owen discussed how to update the current four job profiles in the national agreement to bring them in line with new legislative requirements and expectations of the sector. There was a consensus that these could be improved, perhaps increased to a matrix of six with better supporting guidance and presentation; it was agreed to discuss these further over the coming weeks and meet again on the 11 April 2018.

NALC/LGA project call for evidence

·Do you have experience of working on a collaborative project with a principal council? NALC are working with the Local Government Association on a new guide to partnership working and want to hear from you! Please email or to find out more.


·NALC are currently seeking views on the Department for Transport's consultation on the Major Roads Network so please check out our consultation briefing and get back to by 2 March 2018, plus NALC are responding to the DEFRA consultation on waste crime so likewise send your views to by 9 March 2018. You will need to login to access all our documents (just email or phone us here at GAPTC for log in details).

Posted: Fri, 16 Feb 2018 17:22 by Alison Robinson

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