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Request To Promote & Complete Cromer Town Council, Norfolk CALC & NALC Second Homes Survey By 7/2/18 To Support CTC SCA Proposal

Posted: Thu, 11 Jan 2018 10:33 by Alison Robinson


We are circulating a request from Cromer Town Council / Norfolk CALC / NALC second homes survey supporting the CTC SCA proposal on second homes, which needs to be submitted by 7th February 2018.

The survey link is .

See below:

Dear County Officers. I hope you are very well. Cromer Town Council in Norfolk contacted the Norfolk and National Associations of Local Councils in late summer 2017 seeking a route to progress concerns about the problems with second home ownership (locally and nationally) and their impact upon residents. Accordingly Cromer Town Council, supported by NALC, would like to submit a proposal under the Sustainable Communities Act for legislative change to enable better funding for services provided to permanent residents in areas with a particularly high proportion of second homes and holiday homes. The National Association does have a related position on this matter from some years ago seeking a consequence tax on second homes being unused or empty for more than 6 months. Please complete the survey and circulate to all member councils in your areas. The responses to this survey will help support the proposal to be submitted to the Department for Communities and Local Government by around Easter 2018 under the Act, by Cromer Town Council. The Government have asked that we support that request with evidence that the change is required. To that end we would ask if you could complete the attached short survey by 7 February 2018 (the Town Council hope to submit their proposal to DCLG with their evidence report by Easter 2018). It will take just 10 minutes to complete. The survey link is . Please complete the survey yourselves and circulate to all member councils in your areas.

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