Forest of Dean - Dementia Champions training 17th May at 6pm

Dear FoD Councils,

The FOD DC is providing some training that parish/town councils will be interested in related to dementia.

The session is taking place on:-

17th May - 6-8 pm @ FODDC (in dementia awareness week)

And a follow up session on (same timings)

29th September

Can you email, to confirm names and numbers that can attend, so organisers can prepare paperwork/certificates/refreshments?

The Role of the:
Community Dementia Link in the forest of Dean

Primary aims of the CDL role in the community
• To increase awareness and basic understanding of dementia, through considering the symptoms, diseases and the impact of dementia on the person

• To encourage people to be more supportive, accepting and considerate of those with dementia day to day within their communities

• To consider and disseminate the benefits of being known as dementia friendly

• To support people with dementia in your communities to feel welcome

• To identify individuals within your community who may benefit from appropriate information or guidance or from other forms of support you have available in your community such as a Memory Café, Singing for the Brain, Tea Dance….

• To share your knowledge and understanding with other community individuals, groups, business's organisations or relevant others

• Insert a statement about community emergency plans

Once trained there are quarterly forums in the district which are designed to help you keep your knowledge and understanding about dementia up to date. They are also a way of networking with other locally and to raise awareness within the Forest of Dean Dementia Alliance of issues, needs and concerns within your community.

Posted: Thu, 21 Apr 2016 14:20 by Alison Robinson

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