This is a new training offer from GAPTC aimed at first-time Councillors and the aim of the training is to help new Councillors find your feet in terms of what to expect at a Council or committee meeting, how to conduct yourself and to give you a general idea of your roles and responsibilities as a Councillor. In addition to that you will learn how GAPTC works to support you in your role as Councillor.

To complete the course Councillors can:

1. Attend a one-hour introduction to GAPTC and the role of Councillor (webinar)

2. Attend two Council meetings: this can be of the Council or a committee where you have been elected or co-opted

3. Complete the e-learning module: Introduction to Local Councils

4. Attend a one-hour debrief (optional) with your questions and observations after completing 1–3 above

The cost is £35 per person (members) and £70 per person for non-members, which includes the introductory session, the e-learning module and the debrief.

The first introductory session will take place online on Tuesday 29 March from 10-11am, with a debrief on 24 May, from 10-11am.

Last updated: Thu, 20 Jan 2022 15:45