Budgeting for Clerks & Finance Staff

This session is aimed at officers of parish & town councils, who are involved in preparing and monitoring budgets.

Topics include:
• setting a budget and precept
• Contingencies and reserves
• how the council tax base affects the budget
• Inflation
• budget monitoring

By the end of this session you will:
• Understand how and when to prepare a budget
• Know how to approve and issue a precept
• Be aware of the factors that affect a budget
• Understand how to manage a budget


Budget Planning and Precept Setting

A practical one-hour online session aiming to prepare the ground for the future of the council through budget planning.

Course content:

  • Preparing a budget for the next financial year
  • The importance of monitoring the budget
  • Setting the precept and how the budget informs the precept

Members pay £15 and non-members £30.

This course is trainer-led and offered by GAPTC.

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Finance for Councillors

This session is for councillors only and is designed to give them a greater understanding of their duties with regard to the council's finances.

Topics include:
• Roles and responsibilities
• setting a budget and precept
• Financial control
• The Annual Governance & Accountability Return
• Internal and external audit
• How VAT applies to local councils

By the end of the session you will:
• Understand the council's duties regarding financial management
• Be aware of relevant legislation and sources of guidance
• Be aware of how the council's accounts are prepared and audited
• Recognise the importance of internal controls
• Understand how VAT law applies to your council

Offered by Parkinson Partnership.


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