GAPTC Executive Committee


Member councils are represented by an EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE which meets six times a year. Since autumn 2015 it replaces two former committees (county and management) and consists of twelve councillor representatives and one clerk representative. Honorary officers are also entitled to attend, but have no vote.

The committee is responsible for the overall strategic and policy direction of the organisation and ensures there is a system of sound financial management. A marketing and communications working group has been established and members with financial expertise are available to advise the Chief Executive Officer.

Representatives are nominated by parish councils every four years following the election cycle and in the event of more nominations than places, voting by parishes takes place by email. Each of our administrative districts has three councillor representatives. For ease of management, we include the five Cheltenham parishes in Tewkesbury and Quedgeley is with Stroud.

Committee members can be contacted through our office.


Cllr Bernard Barton-Ancliffe

Cllr Barton-Ancliffe from Churchdown PC is the current Chairman of GAPTC

Cllr Liz Hodges

Cllr Hodges from Chipping Campden TC represents the councils in Cotswolds district

Cllr Bev Osborne

Cllr Bev Osborne from Gotherington PC represents the councils in Tewkesbury borough

Cllr Carol Kambites

Cllr Carol Kambites from Stonehouse TC represents the councils in Stroud district

Cllr Mark Harris

Cllr Mark Harris from Cirencester TC represents the councils in Cotswolds district

Elizabeth Oakley from North Nibley PC is the Clerk Representative on the committee

The Right Rev Christopher Hill

The Right Rev Christopher Hill is the GAPTC President

Cllr Peter Richmond

Cllr Peter Richmond from Bishops Cleeve PC is a non-voting Vice-President

Nigel Thick

Nigel Thick is a non-voting Vice-President

Terry Parker

Terry Parker is the Honorary Life President

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