E-Learning with Nimble

GAPTC, as part of the South West Local Associations, has partnered with Nimble to provide an opportunity for members councils to ensure their officers and elected officials understand key topics. Some of the training will be suitable for annual refreshers and others may be one-off topics.

Requirements and what to do for e-learning:

  • These will require individuals to register with the training portal and login to complete the first module.
  • Once the individual has created an account this will be the means of accessing learning modules going forward.
  • Keep your enrolment link (if you haven't received it check your spam/junk folder in your email inbox) and you are free to do the training when suits you

On enrolment GAPTC will invoice council for the course. Each module concludes with with a short assessment to consolidate learning.

Important! - Please make sure you book training through your Clerks as they will monitor training budgets and ensure council are not overspending the amount set.

There are a range of e-learning modules available - delegates will require an email address and suitable device to undertake the training.

E-learning is not intended to replace our virtual/physical classroom training.

£14 per person per course (members)
£28 per person per course (non members)

All council employees and councillors are welcome to access the e-learning.

How to book
Please email training@gaptc.org.uk with the following information for each person and course.

  • Full name
  • Position in Council
  • Email address
  • Course


  • The email address of the delegate must be unique to the delegate; it cannot be shared or the clerk's email address.
  • Log in details MUST NOT be shared; anyone found abusing this rule will be removed from the e-learning platform permanently.

List of courses

For Clerks

For Clerks and Councillors

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