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Local Council Awards Scheme

Local Council Award Scheme

The new Local Council Award Scheme was launched in 2015 and updated in 2021 and will help all councils, whether small or large, attain recognition for the work they do and meet the standards set by the sector.

Registration - The process is explained on page 18. Accreditation will be carried out by a national NALC panel and the 2022 submission dates are:

6 May

9 September

Fees - Full information on fees can be found on page 21. There is a registration fee of £50 payable by all councils and a separate accreditation fee, depending on the type of award you are working towards and the size of your council.

Wed, 01 Sep 2021

Whistleblowing Policy - template

A form of words for councils considering operating a whistleblowing policy.

Mon, 10 Feb 2020

Training and Development Policy - template

A form of words for councils considering adopting and training and development policy.

Mon, 10 Feb 2020

Social Media Policy - template

A form of words for councils who are considering adopting a social media policy.

Mon, 10 Feb 2020

Information Technology Policy - template

A form of words for councils considering adopting and information technology policy.

Mon, 10 Feb 2020

Expenses Policy - template

A form of words for councils considering adopting an expenses policy.

Mon, 10 Feb 2020

The Voice of the Councillor

The Councillor Commission – organised by the local government magazine TheMJ and De Montfort University Leicester and supported by NALC – publish its final report 'The Voice of The Councillor'. When the Commission was launched we pressed for our sector and our 10,000 councillors not to be overlooked, securing representation on the Commission and a dedicated stream of work to ensure the voice of parish and town councillors was heard. The 124 page report (which is in plain language and easy to read!) includes a dedicated chapter on parish and town councillors and four specific recommendations out of the twenty in total.

Fri, 14 Jul 2017

Dual-hatted councillors

A report on the pros and cons of having parish and town councillors who are also district/borough and/or county councillors.

With thanks to Julie Shirley of Eastington PC for allowing us to use the research she undertook for her Community Governance degree dissertation.

Wed, 12 Apr 2017


How to nominate individuals for New Year and Birthday Honours.

An Honour is a unique form of national recognition. It is a distinctive way of acknowledging someone's impact on UK life, whether they fundraise for a local cause or volunteer at the local school; promote the economy or support one of the Government's particular priorities. There is considerable competition for Honours: each nomination faces rigorous evaluation and decisions are based on the information contained on the nomination form. It is very important that your nomination gives the Government Department and the Independent Sector Committees which make the final decisions the information they need to consider the case fully and in context.

Wed, 01 Jul 2015

Internal controls - small-medium councils

A suggested checklist for councillors to ensure good practice

Wed, 01 Apr 2015

Media Policy - model

Suggested wording for parish council media policy

Sat, 01 Nov 2014

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