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Report on 2022 AGM

This is a short report on the issues covers in the guest speaker's talk, the motions that were presented to the members and their outcomes as well as some information on our sponsors for the day. The full minutes will be emailed to all members in due course.

Thu, 04 Aug 2022

Risk assessment - for general workplace during Covid 19 pandemic

A generic Risk Assessment, which is editable, for dealing with COVID-19 in the workplace kindly provided by BHIB Councils Insurance. It is not likely to cover all scenarios and each employer should consider their own unique circumstances.

Fri, 05 Jun 2020

RIsk assessment for holding an in-person council meeting

If the council wishes to consider returning to face-to-face meetings, then there are a range of issues that will need to be addressed before this can take place. This checklist will help the council ensure this decision is made in accordance with relevant regulations and requirements.

Thu, 23 Jul 2020

Risk assessment for opening community halls

Risk assessment kindly provided by Action with Communities in Rural England

Mon, 13 Jul 2020

Royal protocol - marking the death of a national figure

We have received this guidance from the National Association of Civic Officers. Please note the guidance is classified as 'officially sensitive' and therefore must be treated with the strictest confidence. The guidance should not be discussed in an open meeting or quoted in reports or minutes.

Thu, 29 Aug 2019