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HAGS presentation slides

Presentation slides from HAGS, a sponsor for our 2022 AGM.

'HAGS has been manufacturing and installing outdoor play and sports & fitness equipment for over seventy years. With HAGS, you get a turnkey solution, with design, consultation, supply and installation, after sales and inspection and maintenance. All ages, from toddlers to adults, benefit from the 300-plus play areas we install each year in the UK alone. You have access to 3,000 products across eleven ranges.'

Tue, 02 Aug 2022

Homeworking Policy - template

A form of words for councils considering adopting a home working policy.

Mon, 10 Feb 2020


How to nominate individuals for New Year and Birthday Honours.

An Honour is a unique form of national recognition. It is a distinctive way of acknowledging someone's impact on UK life, whether they fundraise for a local cause or volunteer at the local school; promote the economy or support one of the Government's particular priorities. There is considerable competition for Honours: each nomination faces rigorous evaluation and decisions are based on the information contained on the nomination form. It is very important that your nomination gives the Government Department and the Independent Sector Committees which make the final decisions the information they need to consider the case fully and in context.

Wed, 01 Jul 2015

How to support mental health at work

An informative document from the Mental Health Foundation about mental health at work (under M in documents). It covers how to manage your own mental health, how to support colleagues and how to make your workplace mentally healthy for everybody.

Wed, 07 Aug 2019