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Chief Executive Officer: Alison Robinson
Cranham House (the OPEX
Building), Falcon Close, Green
Farm Business Park, Gloucester

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Formed by Parish Councils --- Run for Parish Councils --- Delivering to Parish Councils

The Gloucestershire Association of Parish and Town Councils (GAPTC) is a not for profit membership organisation, representing, training and advising the parish (including town) councils of Gloucestershire, who form the grass roots tier (or first level) of local government in England.

GAPTC offer members a resource of vital, operational information and facilitate communication at all levels of the parish network - district, county, regional and national.

As a membership association we are unable to deal with queries from the public, but we are happy to make general information available through this website, which helps to increase understanding and awareness about the sector.

Latest News

Devolution update

At the Stroud LSP meeting in June 2016, David Hagg recapped on Gloucestershire's devolution bid, which was submitted to Ministers September 2015.

Since then, it has become clear that the Government wants elected Mayors - i.e. to talk with an elected individual representative.

Currently, 10 devolution deals have been agreed, transferring powers, funding and accountability for policies previously undertaken by Central Government to local areas in England. More »

Further points discussed included:

  • The Cotswold and West Oxfordshire bid for independence – 'Coxit' – has fallen through. The Gloucestershire bid, which initially included Cotswold DC, will therefore be re-visited
  • Smaller-scale devolution deals are likely to have much less funding
  • It is expected that the level of public funding will continue to be reduced whatever happens with any devolution deal
  • Revenue Support Grants will disappear altogether by 2018 and by 2020 the uniform national business rate (NNDR) will be abolished. These changes will have major implications for local authorities
  • Community sustainability is very important but so is the need to work with partners outside of Gloucestershire to promote economic interests
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Fri, 29 Jul 2016 14:41 by Alison Robinson

Annual General Meeting July 2016 - report

Annual General Meeting July 2016 - report


GAPTC were pleased with the turnout for our Annual General Meeting which took place on a lovely Saturday in Newent.

In addition to the formal business, we were provided with an informative talk about Public Rights of Way including road classification by Andrew Houldey from GCC, and a 'pub quiz' with questions based on the law and procedures for parish and town councils.

Andrew explained how roads and footpaths had been classified historically and how there were so many anomalies across the county. He showed photos of main roads and footpaths where the former were classified as unimportant and the latter as classified roads. There are even examples where a road is also classified as a restricted byway. More »

He outlined that parishes can:

  • add a right of way (public rights may exist over a route not shown on the map);
  • re-classify an existing right of way (for example, a footpath should be shown as bridleway);
  • delete an existing right of way (rights shown which have been recorded in error); and
  • amend other particulars on the map (for example the position of the path or its recorded width).

There were five resolutions. These and the actions to follow can be found in the AGM minutes on our website.

Sue and Anita introduced a 'pub quiz' with questions based on common mistakes made by local councils.

The quiz commenced with a soundtrack of 'Mastermind', just to get everyone in the mood. The two winners, Audrey Ricks of Churchdown PC and Jonathan Duckworth of Nailsworth TC, received prizes of garden gnomes.

The councillor who was brave enough to confess to scoring the lowest number, Michael Allchin of Chipping Campden TC, won the 'wooden spoon' prize of miniature gnomes!

After the meeting, delegates enjoyed a buffet lunch.

The GAPTC Chairman, Stephen Hirst and the GAPTC President, Sir Christopher Hill presided over the business. » Less

Fri, 29 Jul 2016 10:05 by Alison Robinson

CiLCA update Gloucestershire July 2016

Councils across Gloucestershire with qualified Clerks

The figures (at July 2016) are as follows:

Gloucestershire overall - 24.83%

This figure is average across England.

Each District can be broken down as follows:

Stroud (includes Quedgeley)


FOD - 30%

Tewkesbury - 28%

Cotswolds - 16%

Please note these figures do not include Parish Meetings.

If you are interested in becoming a qualified Clerk please contact the GAPTC office to discuss this, or go directly to the SLCC website to register.

Fri, 22 Jul 2016 12:40 by Alison Robinson

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